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My Resume Page

For a long time I’ve considered this to be my blog ONLY  and have been referring people to my LinkedIn profile for resume info. That link is

It turns out that some people expect to see my resume here also, so here it is, in pdf format.


Like most people, I actually have several resumes, each one of which emphasizes a different skill. Here are some of the things I do:

  • Technical Editing, Writing, Copy Editing
  • Creating and Implementing Corporate Standards
  • Writing and Researching Grant Proposals
  • Writing Web Content, including Web Development and Maintenance
  • Proofreading, Wordsmithing, Formatting
  • Developing and Performing Quality Assurance Procedures
  • Public Relations Events and Publicity Releases
  • Helping Create Family Books (Writing, Editing, Desktop Publishing)
  • Computer Tutoring

My history is that I’m an English Teacher’s daughter, I tested out of the English requirements at CU, wrote newsletters for numerous non-profit organizations, and then spent about eight years doing Public Relations, first for Sandy Hale Ltd, and then for my own clients. I followed that with about twelve years of technical writing and technical editing. The bottom line is that I’ve been writing/editing for a lifetime. Beautiful language is my passion.


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